Sunday, April 29, 2007

My Blog Reflections...

So this little experiment is coming to a close... I have worked on blogging, and I am not even sure anyone is really even reading this thing. But the truth is I have learned a few lessons, and as I close my blog I thought I would go ahead and post them. This has nothing to do with politics - but who cares...

1. Blogging ain't easy - I had a very different image of blogging before I actually got involved in one myself. I figured it was just a place for people to rant, and I would easily be able to post everyday. In reality - the really good blogs - require alot of thought and work. Research is extensive - and if one plans to post everyday it can be very time consuming. I have struggled simply to post once a week. Hats off to those of you political junkies out there who do post everyday - its quite a feat to find something "intelligent" to say and support it with enough evidence. I certainly don't think I have been able to do that.

2. I'm not very good at the blog thing - Honestly, I don't want my thoughts in writing for other people to read. If you learn anything through watching politics or studying law its that you never put anything in writing. I can be anonymous - but then who really is going to read this thing. Nobody reads it as it is, and I have my name on it.

3. If done right, blogging is an awesome venue for free speech and the free-sharing of ideas. Its the ultimate form of democracy - an open forum where a discussion is held and ideas are shared. But there is one caveat - not everyone's opinion is heard equally. If your blog does not get any traffic - then you are just talking to the wind. Your words are unheard and nobody cares. But to get traffic it requires alot of work - and sometimes people just don't have the time or energy to dedicate to that. Democracy comes with a cost - and that is time.

4. To the company out there looking to post on a blog - buyer beware. This is open season - no limts, no restrictions on content. Engage the blogosphere at your own risk - and be willing to take criticism when it arises. If you handle it appropriately - you stand a chance of improving your corporate image. If handled poorly - you are in some deep crap. Good Luck.

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Karen said...

Well, I read it and enjoyed it. But if you didn't like it so much, you're free to delete it now. :(